Google Chrome is ​the computer ​browser that most ​people use ​today. Google Chrome ​is used ​all over the ​world, so ​it’s important that ​all websites ​that run on ​Chrome are ​checked. This article ​on ChromeDriver ​in Selenium will ​help you ​understand how ChromeDriver ​works and ​how it is ​used for ​automatic testing.

How ​does ChromeDriver ​work?

Selenium WebDriver ​uses a ​ChromeDriver to start ​Google Chrome. ​A ChromeDriver is ​a different ​executable or a ​server that ​works on its ​own. In ​this case, a ​WebDriver is ​a group of ​APIs that ​are used to ​test web ​apps automatically.

This ​code can ​be used to ​initialize the ​object of ChromeDriver:

​The new ​ChromeDriver is the ​WebDriver driver.

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​Why Should You ​Use a ​ChromeDriver?

Since Google ​Chrome is ​the most popular ​web browser, ​you have to ​use a ​ChromeDriver. Selenium WebDriver ​talks to ​Google Chrome test ​code through ​the ChromeDriver. It ​is used ​to move from ​one computer ​page to another ​and to ​enter information into ​those pages.

​How to Install ​a Chrome ​Driver

When you ​want to ​download and install ​the Selenium ​ChromeDriver, you need ​to keep ​in mind four ​things. Here’s ​what they are:


By now, ​you should ​have figured out ​what ChromeDriver ​is and why ​it’s important. ​Aside from that, ​you would ​also know how ​to run ​Selenium and Selenium ​ChromeDriver. The ​hands-on demo would ​have shown ​you how to ​use the ​Selenium ChromeDriver to ​perform your ​tests.

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