New York & Company, a leading global retailer of women’s fashion, today announced the acquisition of Fashion to Figure, the leading online destination for fashion-forward women. The acquisition will significantly expand New York & Company’s reach into the growing female lifestyle market and further fuel its commitment to providing women with the best possible fashion experiences.

What is Fashion to Figure?

Fashion to Figure is a plus-size fashion retailer that offers clothing and accessories for women that are within the size range of 12-26. The brand was founded in 2004 by brother-sister duo Michael and Nicholas Kaplan, who were inspired by their mother’s struggles to find stylish clothing in extended sizes. Fashion to Figure has since become a prominent player in the plus-size fashion industry, with over 20 stores across the United States.

Recently, New York & Company announced that it will be acquiring Fashion to Figure, as part of its strategy to expand its reach into the plus-size market. New York & Company already has a strong presence in women’s fashion and believes that this acquisition will help them grow their customer base while also providing more options for their existing customers who wear extended sizes. This acquisition is expected to bring more resources and expertise into Fashion to Figure, allowing it to continue thriving as a leading brand in the plus-size fashion industry.

The acquisition represents an exciting opportunity for both brands as they look towards expanding their reach and offering even more choices for consumers looking for quality fashionable items at affordable prices. With this strategic move, New York & Company hopes not only to improve its own bottom line but also to contribute positively towards shifting perceptions about what constitutes mainstream beauty ideals in today’s society.

What does New York & Company intend to do with the company?

New York & Company is set to acquire Fashion to Figure in a deal that will see the latter become a subsidiary of the former. The acquisition is part of New York & Company’s long-term growth strategy, which includes expanding its presence in the plus-size fashion market. Fashion to Figure has already established itself as a leader in this space, and the acquisition will allow New York & Company to leverage its expertise and expand its offerings.

As part of the deal, Fashion to Figure’s co-founders Michael and Nicholas Kaplan will join New York & Company as consultants, bringing their knowledge of the plus-size fashion market with them. They will also continue to manage Fashion to Figure’s day-to-day operations under New York & Company’s ownership. Both companies are excited about what this partnership means for their customers, who can expect new and improved products that cater specifically to their needs.

Overall, this acquisition signifies an exciting new chapter for both companies. By joining forces, they have strengthened their position in the competitive fashion industry and are poised for even greater success in the years ahead.

Benefits for consumers.

Consumers can expect to reap a number of benefits from the recent acquisition of Fashion to Figure by New York & Company. First and foremost, the expansion will mean that Fashion to Figure’s trendy and inclusive clothing line will be more readily accessible to shoppers around the country. This is particularly exciting for plus-size women who have long struggled to find stylish clothing options in traditional retail stores.

In addition, consumers may also benefit from increased affordability as a result of the merger. New York & Company has built its reputation on providing affordable fashion options for women, and it is likely that it will continue this trend with its new acquisition. Finally, shoppers can look forward to an expanded rewards program that will allow them to earn points at both New York & Company and Fashion to Figure locations.

Fashion to Figure

Overall, this acquisition promises a number of exciting benefits for consumers who are looking for fashionable yet affordable clothing options. With increased accessibility and rewards opportunities available through both brands, there has never been a better time for shoppers to update their wardrobe with fresh new looks from New York & Company and Fashion to Figure.


In conclusion, the acquisition of Fashion to Figure by New York & Company is a strategic and promising move for both companies. While New York & Company has been in business for over 100 years with a focus on women’s clothing, they have recently faced financial struggles due to increased competition from online retailers. By acquiring Fashion to Figure, which specializes in plus-size fashion, they will be able to tap into a growing market and expand their customer base.

For Fashion to Figure, being acquired by New York & Company means access to more resources and exposure. Founded by the two granddaughters of Lane Bryant’s founder in 2004, Fashion to Figure has been successful in serving an underserved market segment. However, like other small businesses, scaling up can be difficult without proper funding or support. With this acquisition, they can now leverage New York & Company’s marketing and distribution channels while maintaining their unique brand identity.

Overall, this acquisition represents a positive step forward for both companies as they work towards growth and increasing profitability in the ever-changing fashion industry.

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