Today, although video wall systems are used mainly worldwide, the demand for such systems continues to grow rapidly. The best video wall systems are equipped with high-quality video wall management software to provide a more versatile, easy-to-use, and flexible video wall system. Although some may feel intimidated by today’s advanced video wall management technology, concerned that these technological innovations are overly complicated, it is quite the contrary. The right video wall management software is intuitive, easy to use, doesn’t require any programming, offers easy drag-and-drop operations, and allows users to maximize the usage of their video wall, creating an exceptional visualization experience. This article will learn about the different nuances and aspects of video wall systems and software. 

Technology Advancements and Video Wall Control Software

Today, we are witnessing a monumental shift in the development and manufacturing of high-end technology, which focuses more on intuitive and user-friendly designs. So many electronic goods that are designed for the common masses and not just for tech-savvy people have some electronic user interface. Today, the average consumer can use just about any device and is becoming more and more comfortable with learning new technology. Most of us depend on technology in our daily routines. So tech companies aim to develop complex and sophisticated technology for the workplace with the same easy and intuitive user experience that people are used to. So although technology is advancing, its complexity is sheltered from users in “the background,” keeping the “front” simple and easy, all while achieving big things. Tech companies are trying hard to simplify the technology from the user perspective to focus on their job and not worry about the technology behind it.

Video wall control software developers fall into this category, working hard to develop the tools that AV integrators, IT managers, and video wall operators would need to configure, manage and operate a video wall with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that many would expect. There are not many of those available on the market today, but there are some. The right software allows users to display whatever content sources they want anywhere on the video wall, using the wall as a single canvas, with easy drag-and-drop, resizing, etc., the way we’re used to working with PowerPoint.

The most advanced software handles all source types, from web apps to dashboards, videos, images, camera feeds, TV tuners, and RSS feeds. It can display them on any display, whether LED, LCD, or a projector. Preferred layouts can be saved and recalled later as needed. Operators can become expert users within an hour. This kind of software is essential for security and surveillance centers. Operators need to monitor several cameras feeds at once, perhaps change views during shift changes, and possibly integrate with existing video management systems. The right software can do all that.

Is Video Wall Control Software Important?

Suppose you need an easy-to-use solution to reliably display a variety of content from various source types on a large screen or video wall (multiple screens). In that case, you will need a video wall controller or a video wall control system. Even primary entry-level video controllers will improve your video wall deployment and provide much more flexibility. Without a video wall controller (also known as a video wall processor), you will be limited to 1 source per display. In other words, every video or camera will be visible on one entire screen. Video wall controller software allows you to turn one big screen into multiple little ones or multiple screens into one big one and display content in an unlimited combination of sizes and placement on the wall, utterly customizable with easy drag-and-drop. Please don’t be afraid or intimidated by this technology, as it will simplify your work and help you achieve your goals. Of course, you must select the correct video wall controller software to fit your needs. You can learn more about such software from online forums. 

Video Walls for Security 

One of the more common uses of video wall controller software is in security and surveillance, a department that exists in most large organizations, university campuses, hospitals, manufacturing plants, mining, just about everywhere. Companies are mandated to provide complete security systems in their workplace and campuses to keep employees and students safe and protect against theft, fire, and other possible disasters. They have a control room with a video wall and need video controller software to do this effectively. Security control rooms need to have mounted screens that can display the surveillance feeds to the guards, and the right technology is essential for this to work correctly. 

A suitable video wall controller provided by a reputable and experienced company like VuWall will be able to effectively manage live feeds from CCTV cameras and IP cameras and show them simultaneously on large screens or video walls in a manner that will be convenient and effective for the security operators. These video walls have high-resolution inputs to show all the details without forcing the security personnel to strain their eyes to see what is happening. They can also integrate with existing VMS (video management systems) like Genetec and Milestone to see the most pertinent camera views when they need to see them. VuWall controller software also offers automation tools that can trigger alarms and be connected to physical triggers throughout the building. Their software even comes with a control panel designer tool that easily creates buttons to start different layouts on the video wall and change the views with the touch of a button.

These video wall controller systems bring a high level of customization. Operators can organize to display the camera feeds in a most convenient layout, position where specific feeds are shown on the screen, control the size of particular meals, etc. For instance, you can choose to increase the size of the feed that overlooks the main entrance and keep it in the middle of the screen. Video wall controller software is essential in allowing such adjustments to be made on the fly with the simple drag. 

It is highly advisable to find the best video wall controller software such as VuWall and ensure the best security in your establishment.

Final Takeaways

The best aspect about a video wall controller is that it allows users to display different types of video content on the same screen simultaneously or across multiple screens that are stitched together as a single video wall. This technology is highly used for advertising, displaying important information within the organization and public spaces, security and emergency control rooms and monitoring centers, auditoriums, museums, and airports. As this technology develops and becomes more affordable, we will see more and more organizations using it for multiple purposes. Hopefully, the information provided in this article has been helpful. 

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