We all have a secret fondness for the traditional high school drama we see in movies, and there are times when we just want to see something light that reminds us of that high school drama. These movies are not your average films, and they come with life lessons that may alter your perspective on life. They teach you many things such as pursuing your dreams, patience, improving yourself regardless of your age, taking responsibility, doing good deeds, love, and learning to live in the moment. So, watch these films and have a high school student teach you the most important lessons of your life.

Mean Girls

Mean Girls may be a cliché high school drama film, but any list of high school films would be incomplete without it. The film teaches you a lot of life lessons in addition to having a wonderful cast, script, and acting. All of the characters, from Regina to Caddy, communicate important life lessons in a light hearted and enjoyable manner. Furthermore, the film is really amusing, with scenes from a Halloween party to a jingle bell rock performance to proms, in which you will learn that being bitchy is super cool but has serious consequences. It also teaches you that taking responsibility for your actions and remaining modest makes things simpler. Apart from that, let us learn how to properly predict and announce the weather. Well, this one high school movie should not be missed. If you want to watch these films, all you need is a good TV service, and for that we suggest you to check out Charter Bundle Deals by Spectrum. These bundle deals are super affordable and come with TV internet, as well as phone. This way you can enjoy cable TV, on demand content with good internet, as well as calls. 

Dead Poets Society

Even if you are slightly depressed, you should not watch Dead Poets Society, but if you do, it will teach you important life lessons. As a result, instead of being depressed, you might learn a lot from this movie. At every point in the film, the characters and their emotions are intense. You will also enjoy this film, especially if you enjoy poetry. What makes it even more unique is Robin Williams’ performance. In a very traditional and tough school for boys, he uses unconventional approaches to educate children, assisting many school children in breaking out of their shells and pursuing their ambitions. Eventually with the spirit of the young boys, the dead poets society is revived. They go down in the cave every night, and recite poetry. 

17 Again

This film is about a man whose life is spiralling out of control. He is ready to divorce his wife, has not received the promotion he had hoped for, and is in the midst of a significant life crisis. Mike O’Donnell returns to his adolescent years and enrols in school as a way to improve his family and his life. The plot centres around the O’Donnell family’s adventures, as well as Mike’s best buddy Ned, who plays the role of young Mike’s father. It’s a light hearted and enjoyable film that reminds you that you only get one life and that you must never quit when things appear to be going wrong.

The Princess Diaries 

The Princess Diaries is not your standard high school film; instead, it is about a socially awkward introverted girl who transforms into a gorgeous and well-dressed princess. The film encourages us to face our fears and step outside of our comfort zones. It also emphasises the need of putting others first, as Mia does, and that we are all accountable for our responsibilities. When Mia must make a choice, the fate of Geneva is entirely in her hands. She recognises that being a princess entails a great deal of responsibility, and rather than allowing fear to make decisions for her, she takes charge of Geneva and realises that we cannot run away from who we are.


Being a modern adaptation of Jane Austen’s Emma, Clueless revolves around Cher, a shallow and wealthy high school sweetheart who lives and studies in Beverly Hills. Cher perceives herself as a matchmaker, similar to Emma. Cher starts hunting for dull individuals to help them when she helps two of her dull schoolteachers to fall in love. Cher becomes envious after she gives a makeover to a new girl who goes on to become famous. Things start to go downhill as Cher develops her own love for someone. The film instils sympathy and empathy in us. It also teaches us patience and friendliness.

The Girl Next Door

This is not your usual high school movie, because it educates you about love and more serious topics in a very light way. The story revolves around a boy who falls in love with a porn star and works to get her out of the industry so she can live a normal life. The boy works hard to get into the college of his dreams, but love stands in his way. The distance Mathew travels for his love demonstrates the lengths to which people can go for love and friendship. It is a light hearted and entertaining film that also teaches us some important life lessons. This film also presents a novel approach to teaching sex education to school children.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

The Perks of Being a Wallflower is a film that revolves around Charlie, an introverted and socially inept boy who falls in love with his best friend and lives in his brain. Charlie eventually befriends a pair of step siblings, who show him what it means to live life to the fullest, and he finally begins to live his life and experiences the tiny moments that high school has for him. The two friends of Charlie instil confidence in him and rekindle his passion to be a writer, which he plans to pursue. Charlie’s inner grief is aroused when his love Sam graduates from college, and he does not want his only two friends to leave. However, in the end, he discovers that it is the memories he creates in the present that matter. The film suggests us to appreciate the current moments in life and to keep those lovely memories close to our hearts or in our diaries.

All of these films are enjoyable and teach us straightforward and unconventional lessons about life. So, if you’re in the mood for a nice high school movie, pick one of these and enjoy.

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