The election of a President is one of the most important elections in the world. As the leader of a country, a president has to face a variety of challenges, as well as the responsibility of protecting his nation’s interests. A good president must be a leader who has integrity and the ability to work with others. For this reason, the best candidates are chosen based on their qualifications, their track record and their popularity. Among the top presidential candidates in Brazil, you can choose between Tereza Cristina, Ciro Gomes, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and Raquel Lyra.

Ciro Gomes

The Brazilian Democratic Movement (PDT) presidential candidate, Ciro Gomes, is a former minister, former mayor of Fortaleza and ex-governor of Ceara. He has also served as a minister in Lula da Silva’s government. In 2002, Ciro ran against Paulinho da Forca. And in 2018, he is again trying to win the presidency.

Ciro has been in the Brazilian politics for more than three decades. He joined the UFCE, and was one of the members of the Habeas Corpus movement. Later, he returned to Sobral as adol. When Lula’s assassination nearly cost him his life, he became the deputate of the lower house.

Ciro is known for his iracunda speech. However, he has a temper. His temperament was not liked by the public.

During the first round of the election, he finished in third place, and was defeated by the PT candidate, Fernando Haddad. In the second round, he lost to Bolsonaro.

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While he has made a name for himself, he has not been successful in his campaign. The last few months have been particularly difficult for him. He has made statements that are not in the best interest of the PT. That makes it harder for the two sides to reach an agreement.

In August, Ciro outlined his program of government. It included a plan to reform the presidency, an industrial defense system, and refinancing of dividas. Moreover, he proposed changing the policy on Petrobras’ criminosa precos.

According to some estimates, Ciro’s vote intentions could tip the election in Lula’s favor. At the end of the day, however, it is up to the jovem voters to decide who they want as the next president.

To get to the second turn, Ciro has tried to seize the support of one opponent. But he is still not there.

Despite his avotion for the jovem voters, he is a pedetist. As a result, he has spent time at Harvard University. Also, he has a wife, Giselle Bezerra.

Among the candidates, only Lula and Bolsonaro have a majority of vote intentions. Their ties with UNE participants are not a factor in their atracao.

Tereza Cristina

Tereza Cristina Correa da Costa Dias, a former minister of agriculture and federal deputate, declared her candidacy to run for a Senado seat in Mato Grosso do Sul. She has been endorsed by Bolsonaro, who is running for office.

Tereza Cristina has been working as an agriculture minister for more than a decade. She studied at the University of Vicosa, and has dedicated her career to agronegocio. The agronegocio sector has been facing divisos in recent years.

As a former minister of agricultura, Tereza Cristina is a good choice for Bolsonaro’s cabinet. Jair Bolsonaro has a history of helping large producers, but he has also aided smaller ones. He has a good relationship with congress and is loyal to Tereza Cristina.

Tereza Cristina Correa da Costa Dias has been elected to a federal seat in 2018. She was reelected in 2018. According to a recent Real Time Big Data poll, she leads the vote for Senado. Her margin of error is just three points. This is compared to a margin of error of 15% for the first Real Time Big Data poll.

Tereza is considered a possible candidate for the 2022 presidential elections. She is one of the candidates of the Progressistas party. However, she is not necessarily reflecting a UDOP visa.

According to a Real Time Big Data poll, Tereza Cristina Correa da Costa Dias is the most preferred candidate in Mato Grosso do Sul. Her vote intentions are 40%. In the last Real Time Big Data poll, she received 1% more votes than in the first poll.

Tereza Cristina has a good relationship with Congress and the agronegocio sector. In the last week of her legislative duties, she used the time to thank her colleagues. Although she is a PP member, she has a strong support from the Bolsonaro camp.

Despite the criticisms of the Bolsonaro camp, Tereza has a good chance of winning a senator seat in Mato Grosso do Sul. If she wins, she will be the first female senator in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul.

Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva

Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva is the former president of Brazil. He was a candidate for president in the 2022 presidential election. His party is the Partido dos Trabalhadores (PT), which was created by classe operaria, socialists, and intellectuals.

The PT was born in 1980. It was created by the Classe Operaria, a group of 330 mil operarios.

The PT’s main objective was to bring about agricultural reforms. This would result in the creation of jobs, according to the PT’s program.

In 2002, Lula was elected president. He was elected twice in the next decade. However, his time in office was tainted with controversies related to corruption, such as the Petrobras case.

In 2010, Lula was impeached for corruption, corrupcao, and illegal trafficking in influence. In the end, the process was annulled by the Supremo Tribunal Federal. As a result, Lula’s condenacoes were annulled in 2021.

The second turn of the presidential elections in Brazil was televised by Canal Rural. A study conducted by Datafolha showed that Lula da Silva has an advantage over Jair Messias Bolsonaro, the current president of the country.

Both candidates had a significant lead over their rivals. Bolsonaro’s total vote intentions are 45%, while Lula’s are 54%.

But despite the fact that Lula da Silva is a democrat, the vote counts are not what he wanted. Besides, his cronies are trying to convince Bolsonaro to pass a faixa to him, in hopes of getting him out of jail.

According to datafolha, he has a two point margin of error. If he wins the election, he will have a majority of the votes. However, this is not an assurance of victory.

The PT will still need to continue its negotiations with the MDB. Lula is expected to speak on May 1st. Various countries, such as Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, and Peru, have congratulated him.

Lula da Silva is not expected to speak to the press. However, he has pledged to fight for democracy and peace. Moreover, he has stated that he will work to improve the agricultural sector of Brazil.

Raquel Lyra

A former mayor of Caruaru, Raquel Lyra is currently running for governor of Pernambuco. She has a margin of error of two points.

Raquel Lyra’s campaign is currently being criticized by the Brazilian media for several reasons. It is accused of spreading fake news that links her to Jair Bolsonaro and Lula da Silva. Her campanha has also denounced the Procuradoria Regional Eleitoral in Pernambuco and the Tribunal Regional Eleitoral of Pernambuco.

Raquel Lyra has participated in the second turn of the Pernambuco election. She defeated Marilia Arraes, pelo Solidariedade, with 41,3% of valid votes. The race was highly contested between these two politicians.

Both of these candidates were from traditional political families in Pernambuco. However, Marilia Arraes has been an active critic of Raquel Lyra from the start of the campaign. She has been asking questions about the Sassepe system. She has also asked if the PSDB plans to govern the state or not.

As part of her campaign, Raquel Lyra has vowed to speak with Lula da Silva. However, she has also said that she does not want to make a choice between the two.

According to the Ipec poll, Lula has 68% of the vote intentions in Pernambuco. However, the poll was conducted between 23 and 26 February. Therefore, the margin of error is calculated with 95% confidence level.

On the other hand, Marilia Arraes has 46% of the vote. This is the highest vote percentage that she has received in the whole of Pernambuco. Unfortunately, she has not declared her vote in the presidential election. Despite this, she is strongly associated with Lula.

Currently, the Raquel Lyra campanha has denounced the Policia Federal, the Tribunal Regional Eleitoral of Pernambuco and the Procuradoria Regional Eleitoral of Pernambuco. Raquel Lyra also accused several montagens of photoprints that have jornalistic content. In the meantime, the cupula of the Raquel Lyra campaign will meet on Thursday.

One of the main issues that the campaign is trying to address is the corrupcated candidate. According to the campaign, a montagens has been spread in the state of Pernambuco containing the photo of Raquel Lyra.

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